For Employers

If you’re looking for a business transaction where you send us a job description, and we send you a batch of resumes, we’re not going to be the right fit. 

If you’re looking to build a partnership, even for just a single position, where our interactions are a give-and-take of time and effort, we can deliver candidates for you and help you close tough-to-fill positions. Our recruiters are experienced and care about the service we provide. 

We do this on a contingent basis, knowing that all the business risk is on our side, as long as our partners are willing to come to the table as just that: partners. 

We believe skilled and tenured recruiters can navigate conversations across many silos. We can identify the skills and talent you need and build foundational relationships that are necessary to walk candidates through your unique hiring processes. 

We help businesses find diverse talent and engage candidates from a variety of reputable sources from different backgrounds. We also offer candidate masking, for clients that want to scrub resumes of identifying information in order to build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce. 

With an acceptance rate of 90%+, our goal is for zero surprises to happen at the offer stage. Between vetting on the front-end and setting correct expectations with our clients and with candidates, we’re confident in delivering high-quality close rates that help make your hiring process more efficient and successful long-term. 

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