For Candidates

Looking for a job in a role related to healthcare infrastructure, information technology, engineering, corporate support, finance or accounting? Want to move to a different state, but unsure about how to find work there? Do you feel stagnant at your current company or in your current role, and want help moving up?

Your talent is needed! We work with hundreds of diverse companies throughout the United States. We have opportunities that may fit your unique skillset and help you achieve your career goals. If you’re looking for a job, connect with us so we can learn more about you and send relevant opportunities your way.

Why work with a recruiter like the Associate Staffing team? Our success depends on your success. Our job is to place talent like you at our partner companies we believe in. We work to make our clients happy with the best talent, and we love connecting with candidates who are passionate about their work and industry and want to share their skills with organizations doing great work.

Even if you’re not looking for something at the moment, you can begin the process to build a relationship with Associate Staffing. We connect passive candidates with amazing opportunities that can lead to a higher salary, more advanced career title, better company culture fit and more.

We encourage you to connect with us today so we can get to know you and keep you in mind in case the perfect job opportunity becomes available. You’re in charge for how we communicate with you, including frequency and standard of positions. You can widen your career possibilities by becoming part of our talent network, even if you’re not looking right at this moment.

What to Expect from Us

Send Us Your Resume

Update your resume for the type of job you want. Once we receive your resume, one of our lead recruiters will review it to assess your skills. After reviewing your resume, our recruiter will identify relevant opportunities for current and future openings. We will then call you for a phone interview. See below.

Phone Interview

Our recruiter’s first conversation with you is the first step to building a relationship with you. In this initial call, we’ll discuss in detail your working experience, your best fit for a work environment, your compensation expectations and your desired opportunity. If we have a current opening that fits your skillset and desired opportunity, we will then discuss this with you. At this point, we will also ask for any professional references. Now, let’s meet!

Let’s Meet!

Forbes surveyed 750 business executives on the benefit of face-to-face meetings and confirmed our expectations – they’re a good idea! Of those surveyed, 85% said face-to-face meetings build stronger, more meaningful business relationships. At Associate Staffing, we agree. We love to meet people in the industries we specialize in. Whether or not we have the perfect opportunity for you today, we want to learn more about you. This will help us work together to find your next great opportunity.

Client Submission

Once we identify a job opportunity we believe is a fit for you, we will contact you first. After successfully completing the screening process, an experienced recruiter will review every detail of your resume and suggest any improvements. Our recruiter will then directly ask for your permission to represent you for the role. After we receive your permission, a sales executive will send your resume to our client. We will never submit your resume to any client without you knowing. We’re on the same team!

Client Interview(s)

After our client reviews your skillset and requests an interview, we’ll then follow back up with you. Your recruiter will provide the time and place, in addition to any further details required for your confirmation of the interview. Leading up to the interview, we’ll ensure you’re prepared. A member of our team will give you an overview of the people with whom you’ll be interviewing, will further review the job opportunity and will answer any questions you might have. The day of the interview, you will get a call first thing in the morning from your recruiter. If it’s an in-person interview, a member of our team will meet you at the client site to get you checked in and provide instructions.


Great job on the interview! You got the job offer! Now what? After you accept, your recruiter will schedule a time for you to come into our local office to complete the paperwork. This is an important moment in your professional life, and we’ll be there to walk you through it. Once you’ve signed your name approximately 1,000 times, a recruiting coordinator will review your paperwork and answer any outstanding questions you might have.