Once we receive your resume, one of our lead recruiters will review your resume and assess your skills.  After reviewing, our recruiter will review your skill set against any current or future openings.  We will then call you for a phone interview. See below.
Our recruiter’s first conversation with you is the first step to us building a relationship.   In this initial call we will discuss, in detail, your working experience, your best fitting working environment, compensation expectations and your desired opportunity.  If we have a current opening that fits your skill set and desired opportunity, we will then discuss this with you.  At this point we will also ask for any professional references. Now, lets meet!
Forbes did a survey of 750 business executives on the benefit of face-to-face meetings confirmed our suspicion…they’re a good idea!  Of the 750 business executives surveyed, 85% said that face-to-face meetings build stronger, more meaningful business relationships.  At Associate Staffing, we agree.  We love to meet people in the industry and whether or not we have the perfect opportunity for you today, we want to get to know more about you. This will only help us work together to find your next great opportunity!
Once we identify a job opportunity that we believe is a fit for you, we will contact you first. After successfully completing the screening process, an experienced recruiter will review every detail of your resume and suggest any improvements. Our recruiter will then directly ask for your permission to represent you for the role. After we receive your permission, a sales executive will send your resume to our client. We will never submit your resume to any client without you knowing. We are on the same team!

After our client reviews your skill set and request an interview we will then follow back up with you. Your recruiter will provide the time and place in addition to any further details required for your confirmation of the interview. Leading up to the interview we will ensure you are prepared. A member of our team will give you an overview of the people with whom you’ll be interviewing, further reviewthe job opportunity and answer any questions you might have. The day of the interview, you will get a call first thing in the morning from your recruiter. If it is an in-person interview, a member of our team will meet you at the client site to get you checked in and provide instructions.

Great job on the interview!  You got the job offer!  Now what?


After you accept, your recruiter will schedule a time for you to come into our local office to complete paperwork. This is an important moment in your working life, and we’ll be there to walk you through it. Once you’ve signed your name approximately one thousand times, a recruiting coordinator will review your paperwork and answer any questions you might have.




Please submit your information below and a recruiter will contact you shortly